Air Hygiene 

Air Balancing 
Is a method of testing your heating and cooling system to spot any problems that are causing uneven airflow or negative air pressure. By doing this, every room in your home will be as comfortable as possible with the equipment you have. Our engineers work to the latest BRISA guidelines which our company is a member of. 
Ductwork Cleaning 
Virtually every non-domestic premises will have a ventilation system which will have associated ductwork within the walls/ceilings or both. Almost all ventilation systems are hidden from view in which means that the accumulation of dust debris is not apparent. This can then become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould especially if raised temperatures and humidity is also present. 
Fire Damper Inspections 
Have you ever thought about what might happen if a fire broke out within your building and travelled into your ventilation system? Would the fire dampers within the ductwork system stop and prevent the spread of fire within the ventilation system? 
Fire dampers are a crucial fire protective products that are used within ventilation systems to prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork through fire resistance rated walls and floors. In the event of a rise in temperature, the fire damper closes, usually activated by a thermal element that melts at temperatures that are higher then ambient temperatures but are still low enough to establish the presence of fire. 
Validation Works 
The goal of conducting validation is to demonstrate that a process, when operated within established limits, produces a product of consistent and specified quality with a high degree of assurance. Validation of air systems is necessary to obtain air with all desired quality attributes. Our engineers work to the latest BRISA guidelines which our company is a member of. 
Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning 
Fire safety and cleanliness are fundamental requirements of every well managed and maintained kitchen. These areas, if not professionally maintained can quickly become a fire risk and can be a major cause of the spread of fir within food industry establishments. 
Keeping canopy hoods and filters cleaned as part of a cleaning regime is an easy task, but what about the associated ductwork & fan? Most of the time the areas involved are not easily visible or accessible to kitchen staff, the grease extract cleaning becomes easily overlooked. 
The kitchen grease extract system is the perfect landing place for grease, oil and other deposits in which, with very high temperatures or flames, can ignite the deposits causing fire to spread rapidly through the duct. This is why professional cleaning is of significant importance. 
In addition to this, failure to ensure regular cleaning of the kitchen grease extract system can invalidate building insurance cover, there have been many cases where insurers have refused to pay out on millions of pounds worth of claims following fires where the insured has not complied with the warranties on their building insurance policies regarding regular cleaning of the kitchen grease extract systems. 
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