Water Treatment 

Closed System Flushing, Dosing & Sampling 
Pre commissioning cleaning of closed water systems has become more important over recent years, as modern systems require a higher standard of cleanliness prior to commissioning. 
System contaminants such as mill scale, jointing compounds and fabricating debris need to be removed by chemical cleaning and flushing to the latest industry standards. This in return will allow the systems to operate more efficiently, cost effectively and help to prevent future corrosion and microbiological growth problems. We carry out various sampling regimes from maintenance to validation samples following current Industry Standard procedures. All of our works are carried out according to the latest guidelines such as BG29/21. 
Closed System Balancing/Monitoring 
Water system commissioning is an important part of any project that involves a water system or construction of a building that contains one and is crucial to ensure that the environmental standards and conditions required by the designer and the end user are met. 
At Aqua Water Solutions Ltd we regularly carry out work on a wide range of commissioning projects from water system commissioning and HVAC validation services to pre-commissioning checks and cleaning. We provide a comprehensive, start to finish service which involves extensive testing and ensures that a new system is fully compliant with all required legal, regulatory, and governing standards, codes, and practices. We also provide a monitoring service carrying out closed systems analysis both on site and testing within UKAS accredited laboratory. 
Closed System Remedial Works 
Unfortunately, however efficient a water treatment chemical programme is, it is almost impossible to prevent the build-up of solids without some form of intervention. 
Therefore, one of the best ways of keeping a closed system clean, free from debris and operating as it should is to incorporate a specialist side stream filter. Side stream filtration uses a specialist piece of equipment that is designed to filter a small volume of water (typically 5-15% of full flow) circulating around a closed system.  
This means that the total system volume will be filtered 2 – 3 times every 24 hours. Its purpose is to remove or filter out suspended particles from the recirculating water to protect it from further damage. Some side stream filters will also provide easy user access to the system to allow the addition of water treatment chemicals either in liquid or solid chemical form. Side stream filter units for most building services and industrial processes tend to be compact and can be easily fitted with filters of different grades taking in to account the type and levels of contamination in the system. In most cases, a 30-micron filter will give very good results, although particle analysis is sometimes recommended to ensure the correct filter size is selected. All remedial services are managed under our quality standard ISO 9001:2015 to ensure we maintain a high standard of service when on your premises. Failure to maintain your systems can often lead to serious problems including loss of system efficiency, build-up of scale deposits, corrosive water conditions and microbiological growth which can result in higher running costs and risks the development of several possibly fatal diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease in the water systems users. 
Softener Install & Servicing 
Hardness of water is measured as the concentration of the dissolved mineral salts of calcium and magnesium and can be further categorised as temporary (carbonate hardness) and permanent (non-carbonate hardness). When water containing these hardness salts is heated, the salts become less soluble, and precipitate (unlike many other dissolved minerals which actually become more soluble as water is heated). The precipitated hardness results in troublesome deposits, which may cause many problems. The inconvenience and problems caused by calcium are well known and are evident in all aspects of daily life. In an age where fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are so crucial, it is shocking to discover that buildings may be burning 30 or 40% excess energy, simply due to an accumulation of lime scale in their water systems. Rough scale deposits in pipework increases the frictional losses of water passing through the system, and the narrowing of waterways forces booster sets to work harder. We offer a solution to these issues and can install and service your Water softener needs. 
Dosing Unit Install, Servicing & Monitoring 
If your system is lacking a suitable dosing pot or needs a dosing unit, we offer a wide range of solutions including a side stream filtration. A Side stream filtration on closed systems is advised by BSRIA in BG29 and BG50 as this type of system can suffer from debris left in following installation or modification and suffer from a build-up of solid material and sludge which can affect the chemical treatment programmes. Solid material in a closed system can also impact on system performance, energy efficiency, block mechanical devices such as heat exchangers & valves and provide ideal sites for under-deposit corrosion and bacterial growth. Aqua Water Solutions Ltd can provide and install the X-Pot side stream filters onto all types of closed system, we also offer a service to maintain and change the filtration cartridges. 
Validation Works 
The goal of conducting validation is to demonstrate that a process, when operated within established limits, produces a product of consistent and specified quality with a high degree of assurance. Validation of water treatment systems is necessary to obtain water with all desired quality attributes. 
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